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Bogle's work is important because it offers a complex portrait of young people grappling the best way they know how with the sexual realities of a rapidly changing world.

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Dear Prudence, My husband and I made friends with another couple, “Katie” and “Steven,” last year.We have kids around the same age, and we get together a few times a month for backyard dinners and drinks. I was so surprised that my reaction was something along the lines of, “Oh. ” And then the conversation naturally shifted course. Gender identity is important, and I can’t begin to imagine what Steven went through before and during his transition.Several years later I still think about that man when I masturbate, and I feel guilty because I’m in a relationship, and I find my ex pretty gross. You may find it helpful to think of your fantasies not as a maladaptive compulsion but as a sign that you now feel secure enough to process some of the traumatic aspects of your previous relationship.I know that my ex was manipulative, that he took advantage of our age difference, and that I’m never getting back together with him. You sound very clear on the fact that you don’t want to get back together with this guy and don’t think the way he treated you was acceptable, so don’t be too hard on yourself for eroticizing your past from your present position of safety.Emily told the ex he could take one of the large (valuable) television sets if he helped.On both days my ex showed up late, wasn’t much help, and asked for nearly everything he saw, which was mortifying.Having loaded the final truck alone, I agreed with Emily.

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Nevertheless he’s the main character in my fantasies when I touch myself. That’s not to say it’s not worthwhile and meaningful to do a little more digging about what you’re getting out of these fantasies, the feelings they bring up, and what changes (if any) you’d like to make to your current sex life.

Working out past trauma in a healthy, safe, solo environment is not unhealthy, but if you were to discuss this dynamic with a therapist, you might find a great deal of relief in articulating your desires, your disgust, your regrets, and your experience.

Recently, I remarked to Katie how much her children resemble her, and she replied that she hears that all the time. My husband and I consider ourselves to be LGBTQ allies, and I want Steven to feel comfortable and supported in our home.

I jokingly asked how Steven feels about that, and she said: “Well, Steven’s trans. We’ve seen them a few times since and nothing seems weird or awkward, so maybe I’m just overthinking this. It didn’t feel like a coming-out conversation, more like a casual disclosure of information.