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Daughter: Whitney was discovered dead in her hotel suite in 2012, with accidental drowning, heart disease and cocaine use later cited as the causes of death Bobby and Whitney's daughter Bobbi Kristina (above with ex Nick Gordon in 2012) died last July after being found in a circumstance very similar to her mother It was eight months after her mother's tragic passing that Bobbi Kristina announced she was engaged to Nick Gordon, who was raised at times during his childhood by Whitney and who many considered to be a brother-like figure to Bobbi Kristina.The chances of Gordon ever going to trial however decreased drastically following the release of Bobbi Kristina's autopsy report, in which the medical examiner said they could not tell for certain exactly how she died and if it was an accident or possible murder.New Edition was founded by 9-year-old Brown and childhood friends Michael Bivins, Ricky Bell, Travis Pettus, and Corey Rackley who all knew each other growing up in the Orchard Park Projects in Boston.However, Rackley left the group early and good friend Ralph Tresvant joined the group at the suggestion of Bell who sang with Tresvant as a duo.We have been following her success closely and honestly LOVE how she and her new Hollywood besties, Maddie Ziegler and Grace Vander Waal, have become the new up-and-coming girl squad! ) We mean, did you see how fierce they looked when they came out together to present at the Teen Choice Awards?! As crazy as it is that it’s already October, we’re totally okay with it if it means that we finally get to have Eleven and the gang back in our lives.We are so excited to binge-watch every episode of Season 2 on Netflix when they’re released on October 27, especially since Millie has hinted a bunch that Eleven will have way more actual lines on the new episodes.

Bobbi Kristina was found in her bathtub almost three years to the date that her mother was pronounced dead after suffering a similar fate while staying at the Beverly Hilton for the 2012 Grammy Awards.It’s easy for us mere mortals to talk freely about celebrity crushes, but we give major props to Millie for being so open about hers because she could run into them at events!We rounded up all celebs who Millie has admitted to crushing on, TBH, our lists are very similar: This is probably the most obvious person on the list.I just want this be perfect,'" Brown, who also rapped a recap of season one on Brown said she remembers him saying it, and you can see it in the episode, and that every time she listens to the song now, "I, like, get goosebumps," she said to the adoring crowd. Sadie Sink's Max and Caleb Mc Laughlin's Lucas also kissed in the finale."It was never really awkward," Sink said, noting she knew the kiss was coming."It was fun and we'd just laugh about it."Both of those kisses weren't exactly private.If that wasn't enough, one report spilled that at an afterparty, Millie was gushing over Shawn and was freaking out about how nice he was! This is probably the most obvious person on the list.