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Before I hit age 20, I’d seen many a shattered, cracked, or crumpled Japanese-made drum tossed into the trash bin.As I recall, they were well under 0 and represented a bargain, especially since, from a distance, they might be giants.All I could count on were the cheap imported drums made by Pearl and Tama, branded with those exotic, evocative, occasionally silly names.On this website, I’ve shown you my pristine Gracy snare drum, another stencil brand that turned out just fine.Nowadays, I realize that my Coronet 14×14 floor tom featuring a mere 6-lugs is open and ambient in the extreme, partially due to the reduction of resonance-choking metal bolted to the shell. We’d have to wait until BBQ season and you could spill out onto the lawn.The thing is, were you to hear these drums—I’m working on acquiring proper audio/video—you’d curse yourself for dismissing them outright as disposable.And that sound derived from the decidedly spindly, fragile shell.All along I mistakenly assumed that the “better shells” were those bolstered by extra plies of Asian Luan and so forth. For example, my Coronets feature a paltry 6 lugs/tension rods per 14″ drum…2 less than the accepted industry standard.

Occasionally one sixties Japanese drum or drum kit would emerge as a winner, at least referring to the sound.They had no value as trade-ups to prestigious brands they emulated: Slingerland, Gretsch, and occasionally Rogers. I know I certainly missed the point all these years.All I know is what I heard…when playing these budget kits in moments of weakness. I remember writing some vague forecast, in a Canadian, American, or German magazine, to the effect that the first wave of Japanese-made stencil brand drumsets would become the next object of affection for those who seek out anything smacking of “classic” or “vintage”.Randy’s drums sounded, in my opinion, cool beyond cool—perhaps I was hearing with my eyes.That retro bronze-tiger striped finish was a killer.The truth under those tacky, beautiful wraps could drastically bump up the price for sale–on e Bay, Craig’s List, retail, and private–of Pearl drums, especially the 1960s so-called stencil-brand rickety budget drum kits. I described my experience acquiring such a drum kit in these pages.