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Dating your step sibling

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Confiding in a trusted friend, teacher, supervisor or family member can be the first step toward building a system of support that will help you stay safe. Remember that friends are the ones most likely to know and see that you’re in an abusive relationship.

Once you’ve decided to share your situation, consider what role you want your friends to play.

When you’re going through a tough time, you often feel alone.

But you’re not — there are people all around who can help!

I am 28 and my 34 year old sister married a man almost twice her age 7 years ago. no offense but it's not a situation you have any control over but you probaly have mixed feelingd because that is your sister and you love her and want to protect her but does he treat her good and never hurt her?

He is now 23 while I’m 17 and since we haven’t seen each other in so long feelings have somewhat changed. He practically grew up at our house and eventually moved in with us when he was older. A few months after he came back we told each other our feelings.

Now he lives with my brother and I still see him constantly. However I’m to young and he doesn’t want to ruin anything. I think her situation is probably different, seeing as it’s her brother’s best friend, rather than a step-sibling, but it did strike me as rather sad.

Basically, I was asking whether or not romance readers were comfortable with plot devices featuring step-siblings who fall in love.

Every now and then somebody actually posts a comment on this thread – check out the latest one by a reader called Dezz: …While I agree with everyone — I find nothing wrong with step-siblings get together, I myself could not see myself with my stepbrother.