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The game remained popular on campus, with wait times for players as much as one hour, until it was removed in 1979 due to damage to the game monitor screens.

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The commercial, social, political and general history of New Orleans, including biographical sketches of its distinguished citizens, together with a map and general strangers' guide. N.excial ipforletanice and J material wealth, is S1o liftle known by the outside.w Gorld as J. el it s h.,istoryi, full of rozanatic incideent, and legendary lore is in itself su _,cient to fill a -.olul7ve, wh*ilst its peculiar characteristics, local institutions, and singular manners anrd cvstom,0s of its people would furnish material for a work o X larger scope than is designed by' the autho~r of this publicatio;l.

IL ii auminmerial, orial, $ollitial and ttral istoir' — OFIN CLUDIN G Biographical Sketches of its Distinguished Citizens, TOGETHER WI'TH AL M(AP ALES AL Ge MIE~lla SBAL STBRAeg1HS) g1 (ia 1 NEW ORLEANS' 187,3, J PE INf TLLL 0 I N T R~ O D Uh~ C~ T I O~ N I. 0 City in the United States, of equal popzlatioal, com.

He recommended lighting it, and employing watch- to 24,552; having been trebled in seven years, under the men.

The revenue did not amount to seven thousand administration of its new government. Iligby, Lollisiana Hotel-213 land 215 Tchoupitoulas pres.; Lel.

Others from the recorder, fourteen aldermen and a treasurer. James Jacksonl, pres.; Belgium, Alexander Marks, vice consul, 38 100 St.

This year a same quarter opened academies-the education of youth branch of the United States Bank was established in this having hitherto been confined to the priests and nuns. The baron Carondelet, in 1792, divided the city into four The population of the city and suburbs in 1810, amounted wards. New Orleans Gas Light Companly-offiee, delr, Consul, 17 Carolldelet.

urnish svuch inforzation1 as w'ill en'gage the attention o V the casual reader and ccvt? ;and the ser'ious coinsideration of capitalists, im4? In the preparation of volume, cozepr CO isinl.g as it does, a,vast amount of inzfotmaticiio an7d a g reat varizety of subjects, the author- has been miaterially assisted boy the co E:-B ^J H -. J Al T, ES Q -,, te s1tce ia fiul anub 4 )is)lr eteeemecb Itlertdant; i)ve cnterpniyihig, liberal, autb pnblc spiritcb Mitien; CV)e i)onot Lrable, igl) jteneb, anub xemplarp ial; CI)e geoioue jfricut autb beboteb fati)er anb iusbanu, THIS WORK IS 0 t ltfitl tt atedt AS AN Dtilenee of Alppremintiln of Crlle fllornf il Dotill, nltl ns it %oden of'fel 1n CGrance of luealrs golle luy so folitlly cfarisflell Jlrezu Or7ean,3Ys, TRUE u UJy) 187,3. T - a 11 "Iy 18 I Slazv swleeping fromi a bleak northuvestern cime ^11 Where snow=-stormns beat and forests rise sublime) Till& gathering strength, as southzwardi rolls h Iis cour1sel To Mexicana s G lrf descends hisforce; Monarch of streazs!

It is also his design to such a wor, a s 7ill dissenzinate a ore general knowledge of the local history of J\[ew Orleans and lweill, in a gr?

It is, however, his object and desire to present o the reader, in n a attractive and succinct Jore m/, a brief historical outline of the rmost pr1C in Men1t f Ieatrures that cc7:t.'ib4ute to mcake the Cresccet Cilt the great raetropolis of the So,~uth a nd Scli:h= TW'csl, an Md prove the initelligence, en Iterrise and progressive spirit of its citizens.

It was his intermeddling with the commerce between Philadelphia the property of a wealthy citizen named Gravier, after and Now Orleans, finally released all the individuals he had whom. The trade immediately| At this moment it contains a population of nearly fifty received a new impulse and was greatly increased.

one of the principal streets that runs through the imprisoned, restoring the confiscated property, and discon- property has been called. Gen- thousand, and has become the centre of the business, and eral Wilkinson at the same time obtained permission to enterprise, and beauty of the city. The first Soon after, many Americans availed themselves of a pri- act of incorporation was granted to the city, by the legvilege which was granted, of settling in the country.