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11 december 2017 HOWEST-studenten organiseren avant-première van films ‘Direction Lourdes’ en ‘Bonnie&Clyde copycats’ van Bogus Cat productions en ontwerpen lesmap voor secundair onderwijs bij film ‘Direction Lourdes’.

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Alex Albrecht, Yoshi De Herrera, Dan Huard, executive producer Paul Block and the show's entire staff (mostly Tech TV employees) either resigned, made separation deals with G4, or were officially terminated.After the layoffs, the show changed formats, leaving computer and technology-focused content and adopting a gaming and entertainment variety show style that presented gaming and technology related news, product demonstrations, software clinics, interviews with notable people, live music, and such original segments as Dark Deals, Gems of the Internet, and It Came from e Bay. New episodes of the revamped show, which would later become Attack of the Show!He is most well known from his time as a Segment Producer on Tech TV's The Screen Savers and later as the host of his own late night talk show Unscrewed with Martin Sargent.

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Each show began with a short commentary on the day's technology-related news stories, sometimes accompanied by an online poll.

In 2004, Dan Huard, who had just been terminated from the show, admitted that many of the live calls on the show, since moving down to L. , began on November 29, 2004; without a live studio audience.

Kevin Pereira and Chi-Lan Lieu took over hosting duties.

Repeat episodes continued to air until March 25, 2005 when its replacement program, Attack of the Show! Two spiritual successors to The Screen Savers, This Week in Tech on the TWi T Network with Leo Laporte and Tekzilla on Revision3 with Patrick Norton, were started after the original show concluded.

On April 19, 2015, Leo Laporte announced The Screen Savers premiered on May 11, 1998 as part of ZDTV. Originally hosted by Leo Laporte and Kate Botello, the show featured a large and continually changing group of contributors. Patrick Norton took her spot, and he and Laporte hosted the show for much of its run.