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Though I've only been in the game six weeks, I have one or two new friends with whom I see long-term potential.
In May 2005 he checked into Promises in Malibu, California, seeking treatment for alcohol abuse, before returning for treatment in 2007.

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Some even pose as businessmen in suits, hiding behind newspapers if the security staff come their way, or lie on benches covered with a coat as if they are waiting for a delayed flight.This week I spent two nights at Heathrow, after the London-based charity Broadway was brought in by the British Airport Authority to help the airport's homeless.However, what is happening at Heathrow is not the stuff of Hollywood fiction.The fact is the homeless are flocking to British airports as never before.

With a good income, she moved out of home and rented her own flat. 'I've had skin problems, psoriasis, since I was 16,' she explains.

Yet charity workers say the homeless have to play a 24-hour-a-day cat-and-mouse game to avoid detection by police and airport security and being thrown out onto the streets.

Peter Mansfield-Clark, a director of the charity Crawley Open House, based near Gatwick airport, explains: 'These people take a rucksack with them with a change of clothes.

He lives at Heathrow by choice, and has done since his luck ran out six months ago after his marriage broke down, when he left the family home and struggled to keep his plumbing business going. One man, with a curly mop of hair, has a big blue suitcase standing beside him as he sleeps. I see him on the first night, and in exactly the same position the second night.

'When I found Heathrow, it was good news for me because, since my marriage broke up, I had nowhere else to go,' he says. 'We call him Michael,' says a bus station official, with a shake of his head.