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David Callaway (Robert De Niro), and said that things were "beyond therapy" before her death.After her death, David spoke to family friend Katherine (Famke Janssen), Emily's therapist, and was regretful about Alison's suicide: "I should've seen it coming.

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Its tagline was unconvincing: The film's twist about a ghostly presence came years before two other more prominent films with similar endings: The Sixth Sense (1999) and The Others (2001).The Nanny had set the fire that had killed them in one of the locked bedrooms, after their distressed mother had committed suicide (by drowning), upon learning of the siblings' incest.After killing the Nanny (the ghosts didn't need her anymore), the three attempted to have David kill himself and join them (Christina urged: "Die for me, David"), by tricking him into jumping from a window to his death after they set the mansion ablaze.Executive-produced by Francis Ford Coppola, it was only released on DVD following star Kate Beckinsale's later prominence, in films such as Pearl Harbor (2001).Years earlier in Sussex, England in 1905, he had pushed his twin sister Juliet Ash (Victoria Shalet) during innocent horseplay when he was an 11 year-old child.He gratefully thanked her: "I'll never forgive myself for what happened to you." She replied that he was forgiven and absolved: "It wasn't your fault, David.